Horse Brushing: What You Will Need

Grooming is extremely beneficial for horses. Not only because it helps to clean their coats, but also because it can add to their shine on their coats and increase their overall appearance. Not to mention, it promotes and creates a very healthy bonding experience between the horse and the person that is involved which can lead to a good amount of trust being established. In this article, we will be going over some of the different things that you should be doing and some of the things that you will need when you are trying to brush your horse.


What You’ll Need To Brush Your Horse:

1. Secure Your Horse.

The first thing that you are going to need to do when you are trying to brush your horse is secure it. You need to secure your horse first. While a lot of horses might be trained well enough to simply stand still when they are being groomed, a lot of them will simply feel the natural urge to walk away from you after a good period of time. Therefore, you will want to try to keep them in place when you are planning on grooming them by typing a lead rope in a knot and securing them to something with ample amounts of support such as a support post. Or you could have someone hold the rope as you groom them.

2. Use A Curry Comb.

When you are brushing your horse, you are going to want to be sure that you both have a curry comb on hand and that you actually use it to brush and remove various loose hairs from the horse. Rubber curry combs are actually built in order to loosen up dirty, mud, and other kinds of bits that can get caught in your horse’s coat. It should be used before you begin brushing your horse with a regular brush in order to get the best results. You should utilize the curry brush in small circular motions in order to really be able to get everything out. You should do this over their muscles and try to avoid any of the bony areas such as their spine, face, and even their legs.

3. Find The Right Brush For Your Horse.

When you are planning on grooming your horse, you are going to want to make sure that you have the right brush. The right brush is going to make or break your entire experience with your horse because it will help you to be able to successfully brush your horses hair with no problems and be able to make them look good. The best way to determine the right brush for your horse is by looking at reviews online. By looking at reviews, you are going to be able to find the top products available on the marketplace and it should help so that you have no problems choosing which one to purchase. Always pick the one that has the highest rated reviews.

The Challenges Of Raising Show Dogs

Raising show dogs is a bumpy road. Like humans, dogs have their own personality, some of them being harder to train than others. Nonetheless, all these issues can be successfully overcome by experienced and skilled trainers and breeders. This challenging activity is also highly rewarding.

Training puppies as always easier than working with adult dogs, as offsetting prior mistakes can be a very difficult task. The best breeders have their special problem-solving methods to deal with such issues, but even the best ones fail every now and then. If a dog hasn’t been used to weal a collar or a lead, it’s going to be difficult to persuade him accept such items.

Raising show dogs starts with the teaching of basic commands such as stack, stay and let’s go. The more complex actions should be taught only after the dog becomes familiar with the basics. Training a dog is like educating a child. You can’t skip steps and demand a clear understanding of difficult notions. A good trainer is going to take it step by step and teach the dogs everything they need to know in order to participate to canine shows and competitions.


The show ring in itself can be extremely stressing for adult dogs. This is why it’s very important to start raising puppies as show dogs as early as possible. Early positive exposure to such environments can have a great effect on the dog’s behavior. When exposed to unfamiliar situations or places, dogs can become anxious, thus being very hard to manage. Some dogs may become fearful, especially if they are overcompensated with petting and pampering. These actions can reinforce the dog’s fear, so they should be avoided if possible. The dog should own its ground, so trainers and owners have to learn their lessons and allow the animal to stand in his own space without pampering or too much attention.

A good show dog has to be confident and obedient at the same time. Qualified trainers know when to reward a dog for a desired behavior and when to refrain from offering treats. They also know the difference between feeding and baiting and when to use each of these actions. Dogs that are overfed are going to show less desire to give a focused expression, thus negatively affecting their behavior in front of a judge.

Training good show dogs takes time. Retraining negative learned behavior also takes time. If you want your dog to make you proud, you need to give it the needed time and patience. A strong character and a well-defined personality are shaped one step and a time, so you shouldn’t expect your crazy puppy to become a well behaved dog after one or two weeks of training. Such things take years. You need to be prepared and aware that you are going to need to invest quite a lot in preparing your dog to win the Best in Show over and over again. It is possible, but it requires dedication and love above all.

Tips on How to Dog Grooming At Home

Dog grooming involves the cleanliness and maintaining the beauty of your pet dog. In general, the grooming includes brushing the hair, trimming or clipping the nails, bathing the dog, cleaning its ears, and brushing its teeth. The benefits of grooming your dog on a regular basis touch on your pet’s physical look and its general health and wellbeing. It is advisable to start grooming your dog when it still is a puppy so that it can grow accustomed to the grooming. Below is how you can groom your dog at home.

Brush the coat
Brushing your pet’s hair should be a daily routine. Brushing removes dust, dirt and time objects that are trapped under the dog’s coat of fur. It also enhances the distribution of the natural oil the dog produces to the entire coat. In some way, you can also not of any skin irritations and presence of ticks when you brush the coat. Also, you get to untangle locked hairs. Different dogs have different types of fur, some have a thick coat, other have a light coat, some with long hairs and others have short hairs. As such, always use the right kind of brush suited to your dog.


Bathe the entire body
Bathing your pet is a meant to keep it clean and free from parasites such as ticks and mites. You should start with brushing the dog before making the canine wet. Use the right dog shampoo and brush the coat properly to reach under the hairs, rinse all the shampoo, and then pad the coat dry using the pet’s towel. You can use a blow-dryer running at a medium heat to dry the hairs as you brush the coat to free any tangled fur.

Trims the nails
Overgrown nails are prone to breaking and can lead to soreness and pain. The long nails can also hamper the dog’s mobility, making it difficult to walk. Sometimes, vets associated some cases of arthritis to broken nails. Therefore, trimming the nails is good for the dog’s health. You should use special nail clippers designed for dogs. Be gentle when clipping the nails to avoid cutting blood vessels. Use blood-clotting powder to help stop the bleeding in case you accidently cut the blood vessels.

Clean the ears
Ticks and soil are the most common things to find in the ears of dog that is not groomed regularly. Cleaning the ears helps to reduce the risk of infection as it helps to check for any signs of infection. A sign that your dog needs cleaning around the ears if when you see your pet scratching the ears frequently or shaking the head. A healthy and clean dog has pinkish ears. Any other color or change of color is an indication that there is something wrong with your dog, and you need to take the pet to a vet for a checkup. Cleaning the ears should be done at least twice a month. Use a clean cotton balls soaked in a special mineral oil for cleaning the dog’s ears. Be gentle and do not go too deep into the ears.

Brush the teeth
Brushing your pet canine’s teeth prevents the buildup of cavities keeping the teeth strong and healthy. Use a pet toothpaste to clean the teeth twice a week. You can also give your dog special doggie treats that help to clean and strengthen the teeth.

Horse Grooming Tips For A Healthy Horse

Properly grooming your horse is about more than just making them look great. Yes, the aesthetic appeal is a big part of the equation, but regular grooming does more than just improve their appearance. A proper grooming routine promotes healthy skin, which the horse’s most significant barrier against diseases. It also improves circulation and provides an even distribution of oil over the skin.

Horse grooming helps you as well. The more you groom your horse, the more familiar you become with their various physical attributes. Knowing more about your horse is always a good thing. You’ll learn to spot new formations on the skin that shouldn’t be there, such as lumps, abnormalities, or ticks.


1. Start With The Hooves.

It’s always a good idea to start with the hooves. Hoof picks are extremely cheap and a necessity in any serious horse grooming kit. Use the pick to remove any unwanted debris. Once the pick becomes worn down you can trash it and replace it with a new one at little cost. Hooves should be picked each day. You can also apply hoof oils if you want your horse looking clean and professional.

Anytime you are cleaning your horse’s hooves you should always assume a familiar position. Your back should be turned to face the front of the horse with your feet pointing straight ahead in the opposite direction. While you’re removing debris in this area run your hands along the hoof and legs to feel for any scratches or unusual lumps that might require attention.

2. Keep A Good Supply Of Tools.

You’ll need a variety of different tools to properly groom your horse. Not only do you need to keep these tools handy, but you need to take care of them as well. If your brushes or sponges are starting to show signs of age, then don’t hesitate to replace them. A new, clean brush will always do a much better job when it comes to grooming.

You’ll also need a few different sponges. Sponges of different sizes will be more effective for different areas of the body. Keep track of which sponge is for each area and clean them each day after use. You should disinfect your sponges and brushes after use to reduce the likelihood of an infection developing. You should also have individual brushes for each horse to prevent spreading any fungal infections.

Another handy piece of equipment to have are grooming mitts. These can be used to wipe away any dust on the horse after using a fly spray. Try to keep track of any ticklish spots your horse might have and take extra care in these areas.

3. Brushing And Bathing.

Your horse needs to be brushed on a daily basis. A dandy brush is ideal for brushing the dock of the tail. The dandy brush is so effective because it loosens dirt that gets trapped between the hairs. This dirt can seriously irritate the horse over time. Regularly brushing the dock and tail bone is also good for improving blood flow.

Don’t Neglect Care.

Taking care of a horse on a regular basis can be a lot of work, but your horse will thank you. They’ll look better than ever before and stay healthy for years to come.

Understanding Dogs And Horses As Friends

One of the most unusual pairings when it comes to friendships are dogs and horses. Dogs, often referred to as man’s best friend, love to follow you around and hang out with you.

By the same token, a horse will do the same thing if it’s allowed to. Therefore it makes sense that they would become friends themselves. Following one another around as pals.


Just as a dog can be trained that feeding is done at a specific time, so can a horse. When you feed them together it gives them even more of a bond.

Both animals thrive on attention and if they are raised together they often form a bond that is inseparable.

It’s unusual for a dog to begin herding other animals and the larger the animal the more likely the dog is to try and herd it.

Horses are often trained with dogs to obey the dogs and come when the dog attempts to bring it in. Much like herding dogs bring in the cattle, they can be taught to bring the horses in.

When this goes on for a period of time the dogs and horses often form a bond and become friends.

Great games of tag and can often be seen when a dog and horse form this bond. If one of them is off doing something the other is often seen looking for their friend.

Often one or the other is skeptical about being friends. The other will often force the friendship in the beginning.

Over the course of time the two become dependent upon one another until a strong friendship is developed.

Dogs and horses as friends often come up with some pretty unique games that they will play. Tag is often a favorite and they will take turns chasing one another.

Tiring of that game they may move on to a game of ball. Larger sized horse balls are often used or a basketball. They will take turns pushing the ball around with their noses and moving it around between themselves.

Left to their own devices, such pairings can come up with some great games that they will enjoy on a daily basis.

If the horse is a riding horse, the dog will trail along on the ride. It’s not unusual for the dog to bound ahead and the horse to follow.

Many dogs will take the horses lead in their mouth and lead the horse around. It gives an entirely different perspective to “taking the dog for a walk”.

By contrast, some horses will take the dogs leash in their mouths and take the dog around the corral as well.

It’s fun to see animals interacting and playing with one another like children. It can lighten the mood of a bad day to simply sit and watch them play.

Companionship is a great way for animals to interact and it’s a great example to humans about getting along with one another regardless of race, creed or lifestyle.

All You Need To Know About The Life Of Showing Horses

Before looking at the life of a person that trains or breeds horses for show, it is important that we, first of all, understand what horse showing is all about. Horse showing is where a horse owner or horse owners prepare their horses for presentation before an exhibition where they can be judged. Known as horse shows, such exhibitions provide a platform where well-trained and well-bred show horses and ponies can compete in different areas like discipline and breed. Often, these events are held in series of different performances known as classes where a group of horses with the same training or characteristics compete against each other for awards.

For anyone who’s ever shown a horse, they testify to the fact before they can enter their horse into showing arena, a lot takes place. The process of preparing horses for a show is generally thrilling, and can sometimes be stressful and can even take months. At the same time, it requires tons of preparation, training, and caring if the horse or horses that are to compete are to stand a chance against other horses in the competition. This article will be discussing some of the things that a person who shows horses has to do before he or she can present his or her horse in a show.



Not all horses can be presented in a horse show. Often, you will find that there are specific horse breeds that are considered as competition grade. However, before such horses can be presented, it is important that they are prepared for competition. Most horse owners that present their horses in such competitions will start preparing them months in advance to ensure that they are healthy, clean and well-trained for competition. So what are some of the things that groomers have to do as they prepare their show horses?

1. Grooming

Grooming is one of the most important things to do when preparing show horses. To horse groomers and show horse owners, this is a task that is to be done as often as possible. Grooming is essential in ensuring that the horse’s coat is perfect. At the same time, the process of grooming a horse, with most groomers doing this on a daily basis, helps by increasing the emotional bond between the horse and its owner or groomer and also helps improve the shine and health of their coat. Grooming tasks include brushing the horse’s coat every day and a good wash now and then.

2. Feeding

For a horse to stay healthy and strong, it is important that it is fed with the right food at the right time. Most show horse groomers take very special care when it comes to the feeding of their horses since they understand how important this is. With the market flooded with different products, most groomers or owners carefully consider what food their horses are fed and go to great extents to ensure that they are fed with nothing but the best feeds. The great thing is that there are products that are full of the needed nutrients to ensure that the shine and thickness of the horse’s coat, tail and mane remains superior.

3. Health Care

It is important that show horses remain healthy and disease free. Horses that are overweight, underweight, sick, or have worms may not show as well, and most groomers know this. As such, most show horse groomers ensure that there show horses are seen by a vet every couple of months. At the same time, they ensure that their horses are given the necessary vitamin and vaccine shots to make sure that they stay healthy and disease-free.

4. Training

Another task a show horse owner has to perform when preparing his or her horse(s) for competition is training. Training is essential in disciplining the horse to perform specific tasks and tricks that could help it gather points during the competition. Often, horse groomers or owners will train their horses according to the particular competitive class they are entering it. Training is generally performed a couple of times a week.


Signing Up For The Horse Show

For a horse to participate in a horse show, it has to be entered into the competition. As such, it is up to the owner or groomer to ensure that he or she registers his or her horse in good time for it to participate. Often, horse show dates are announced a couple of months in advance. When registering a show horse, the owner has to specify in which class it will be participating in. As such, most show horse owners follow such event news very closely to ensure that they get their horses registered and ready for competition.

While preparing months to the event is important, that is normally not the end of the process. To ensure that their horse(s) is its best, show horse owners normally do some last minute grooming and preparations to ensure that their horse is looking its best. A couple of days to the show, groomers or owners handle tasks like brushing and washing the horse using shampoos on an almost daily basis to ensure that the horse’s coat looks its best. Often, clipping will be done to ensure that the mane, coat and tail are well kempt for a decent look.

On the competition day, most horse show owners are careful to ensure that all the essential things are packed. Since both the horse and its owner will be spending whole days at the competition, it is important that the owner packs feed, hay and water for the horse and all the necessary equipment and tack. Considering that they will be travelling a distance to the event, most show horse owners ensure that they have the proper means of transportation ready. In some instances, some owners will have a companion ready to travel with their show horse as traveling long distances in a horse trailer can be stressing and disgruntling to some horses. This way, such horses have a companion by their side helping them stay calm.

During competitions, it is upon the owners to guide and control their horses. Often, during such competitions, there are set obstacles or tasks the horses will be required to perform in order to be judged. As such, it will be the owners responsibility to direct their horse in performing these tasks in the best way possible. It is, therefore, important that he or she ensures that his or her horse is well prepared and well trained if they are to have a chance of winning. As such, it is crucial that the two have a very good understanding of one another and tight bond.

As you can see, the life of showing horses is not as simple as it looks; however, if done right, it can be rather rewarding. For show horse owners, the most fulfilling thing is seeing their horse or horses getting commended for their skill, health and discipline. However, before it gets to this, both the horse and the owner have to have walked together and developed a very deep bond of love and understanding. Horse showing is all about class, discipline and skill and that is what any show horse owner strives to ensure that his or her horse displays.

If you are considering horse showing as something you can do, it is important to understand that this is one task or hobby that will require a lot of your time and dedication if you are to nurture a winning show horse that stands outs and outshines all of its competition.